''Al is going to play a very big role in the creative process''

July 19, 2023

Our CCO, Darre van Dijk, introduces the agency's new top talent, Creative Director Annie Chiu.

Darre Van Dijk has held the position of Chief Creative Officer at TBWA\NEBOKO since 2015. He introduces the agency's new top talent, Creative Director Annie Chiu, who is a native of Brooklyn, New York, and was born and raised there.

Chiu started at W+K Portland as an intern, then worked in NY at SapientNitro, Brooklyn Brothers, Sid Lee, BBDO, and more. After creating global campaigns at Sid Lee LA, she made Amsterdam her home, where she now creates work for brands such as adidas, McDonald's, and others. Van Dijk hardly needs an introduction. He was ECD/CCO of Ogilvy for 10 years before joining TBWA. He has more than 400 awards to his name, including 32 Lions and a Grand Prix in Cannes. In addition to his skills, he is known for his musical knowledge and proficiency and has been recognized as Today's Legend (VIA) since 2021.

Why is Annie a great talent?

Darre: “Annie is a very special kind of creative. For example, she has incredible copywriting skills. Due to her unique perspective, she exudes a pleasant and optimistic vibe, making her highly likable and inspiring belief in her ideas—or better yet, encouraging people to buy and implement them. In the beginning, I used to make jokes like 'you're kind of a mini-me.' Even though she is a woman with a different background than mine, I still see a lot of myself in her. She possesses everything the 20th-century Mad Men should have.”

What do you learn from each other and why?

Annie: “Darre helps me be a better creative by really understanding the business. As creatives, we also need to know how the system works to create great work. Darre is a master salesman and storyteller. The way he builds relationships with customers, establishes trust through honest conversations, and presents ideas with verve— not many people can do that. Seeing him in action is a masterclass in itself.”

Darre: “She teaches me how to count on people. She takes on tasks, so she gives me confidence to really let things go. It's what every leader needs.”

What is Annie doing now (at work?), and what are her ideas for the future in terms of advertising and marketing?

Darre: "If there is something big, such as an international pitch or a new global campaign, I always ask Annie to help me understand the essence. That means I involve her in many projects."

Annie: "I work at Philips and McDonald's, and I pitch to exciting new global customers. After working at Adidas for three years, it is nice to be able to do the same for other customers. As an Asian-American woman working in Amsterdam, my ideas for the future are mainly focused on more inclusion and diversity. We want TBWA\Neboko to become a global hub for creative output and talent. The only way to achieve that is to be an empathetic citizen of the world. I also believe that A.I. will play a major role in the creative process and support creative teams to make more room for conceptual thinking."

What are your future plans?

Annie: "As a born and raised New Yorker, it is difficult to predict my future plans, but for now, Amsterdam is my home. I want to help shape the creative community here, whether it's by promoting more space for people or creating work that puts us in the spotlight."

Darre: "I'm not done yet! I'm staying here to shake up the world, with people like Annie by my side!"

What is the latest news from the agency?

Darre: "2023 has been challenging for many clients and agencies, but it also means that new opportunities will present themselves. New ways of creating content will emerge in the coming year. I can't be specific yet, but we have some big plans in the works, including partnering with major streaming platforms. Moreover, it's important to know that today's creatives are still a resilient bunch of hooligans. So, we will always keep our eyes and ears open for greatness."

Source: MarketingTribune 4 July 2023

Photography: Zuiver Beeld

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