TBWA\NEBOKO launches multidisciplinary design studio: Studio Neboko

December 10, 2021

This week TBWA\NEBOKO launches its design studio: Studio Neboko. The studio specializes in branding & advertising.

The Studio works for TBWA clients like NS, McDonald's, Adidas, Philips, Albert Heijn, TOTO and T-Mobile but also has space for its own clients.

35 designers and growing

Joris Groot: "We want to make Studio Neboko into one of the strongest design studios in the Netherlands. With our current clients, there is already a strong flow of design-driven work at TBWA\NEBOKO. With the big ambition we will bring in more design work, get better and be able to continue to bring and keep the best designers in-house. TBWA has a rich history of iconic designs the Absolut Vodka bottle and the Apple iPod silhouette campaign. Studio Neboko fits into that tradition.'

Rik Ledder adds: 'Our clients need creative, disruptive brand platforms, which then come to life in the integral customer journey. That indirectly means a big increase in design-driven content. With the strength of all the different talents within Studio Neboko we now have a great answer to that'.

Striking design that works

Studio Neboko is strong in both pixels and print. With great deal of experienced print productions, digital, motion, video, 3D to 3D print. And with our vast network of partners and specialists, anything is possible. In combination with the strategic knowledge and creative power of TBWA\NEBOKO, TBWA\X and New Growth Strategies it has an ideal ecosystem to think about design on a brand level. Think fine-tuning of the visual identity and campaign styles. Design is placed at the core of the business, designers are at the table with the client early on, rather than at the end of a project, and design provides a range of new and additional solutions for our clients. The new corporate identity for Tele2 is already the first result of Studio Neboko, and there are several in development at the moment. 

The Studio Neboko website

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