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Why I Run Fast
Industry trade shows can be as dry as you imagine it to be. Brands unveil their latest shoe drops for the year, and allow retail partners to sample the shoes. With increasing pressure from competitors paying big bucks to chip away our retail shelf space, adidas needed to do things differently that will make retailers lust for adidas running products. To do that, we needed to reinforce adidas’ authority in running by demonstrating our understanding of runners’ mindsets like no other. We uncovered 4 motivations behind every runners’ addiction to the sport: runners who want to be faster, to be confident, to feel alive, or to bring that extra edge to the sport they play. So in September 2017, we disrupted the trade show by creating totally immersive experiences that transported the audience straight to the mindset. Imagine a VR experience that took the audience through a urban crew run in Berlin, or a film depicting a sunrise run. For the mindset of those that want to run faster, we created a film showing Wilson Kipsang training in Iten as he prepared to run a marathon faster than anyone had done before.