Defraud. This is how it works!

Fraudsters. They steal millions of euros from people in the Netherlands every year, and every day they develop new tricks.

A lot of people think it won’t happen to them, so they aren’t open to a classic warning campaign.

That’s why we developed a fraud course for the Dutch Banking Association called ‘Defraud. This is how it works!’. In this ten-part series of lessons, and an additional podcast series, we teach people to avoid fraud that they wouldn’t actively seek out themselves by showing this from a fraudster’s perspective.

We did this was by teaching a different lesson with every episode. From online video to radio, from podcasts to print ads. You are learning by just watching and listening to these course.

It covers several areas like: chat tricks, fake shops, fake bank cards, promising the moon, and crypto fairytales...

After a few courses, everyone is able to recognize what new tricks fraudsters might have up their sleeves.