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New Year's Eve draw
Staatsloterij’s New Year’s Eve draw is the largest draw of the year. Almost every Dutch person plays along and it has become part of our holiday traditions. But it’s a tradition under pressure, as the number of players and the revenue have been on the decline. The brief was to put the New Year’s Eve draw back in the minds ánd hearts of the Dutch by creating the most talked-about and loved campaign of the year.

We found a truly disruptive idea in the thought that some things are more important than money. Unexpected, coming from a lottery brand. Revolutionary, because research showed that the prize of €30 million is the main reason people buy a ticket. To bring this idea to life, we needed to find a universally appealing embodiment of this thought. We found it in an animal shelter in Slovenia: a scruffy little dog. We took him in and named him Frekkel. He became the star of our campaign. In the tease phase we treated the TV commercial like a movie, and Frekkel as the movie star. After the premiere on TV, we gave depth to Frekkel with a mini-documentary about his real story. We sent Frekkel x-mas sweaters to famous Frekkel-fans. The phone-number on the Missing poster was called over 800 times, answered by Frekkel's boss' voice-mail, thanking callers for their interest and care. Frekkel touched our hearts and taught us that some things are more important than money, even if it’s €30 million.


Gouden Loeki

Dutch Creativity Awards - Gold (Members Award)

SAN Accenten - Leisure Award (Vrije Tijd Award)

SAN Accenten - Branding 360° Award