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It starts with FOX Sports (Het begint bij FOX Sports)
FOX Sports wanted to tap into a broader audience with a different type of campaign. The challenge was to do this without losing sight of their loyal audience of enthusiastic football fans.

So for their Eredivisie campaign, FOX Sports brought watching live football to a family context. We want to show that watching live football is best when shared. In this campaign we portray and amplify the impact that role models and significant moments in football can have on children. In the stories we showcase how FOX Sports empowers and inspires children by visualizing what kids imagine when they pretend to be their Eredivisie heroes.

The campaign features an omni-channel approach with four different TVC commercials, three radio ads, various social media assets as well as print ads in media of specific football clubs from the Eredivisie. The films were directed by Johan Kramer from Halal.

Watch the TV commercials here.