Not everyone is a masterchef in the kitchen. To put McDelivery on the map, we created a smoke detector that automatically orders in when their dinner goes up in smoke.

It is not always easy to put food on the table at the end of a busy day. But when your dinner goes up in smoke, while there’s nothing left in the fridge, your evening is definitely ruined. In this moment of misfortune, McDelivery is there for you to turn bad times into good times.

We created the ultimate must-have gadget for home cooks: the McDelivery Detector. A smoke detector in the iconic shape of a Big Mac that automatically orders in when your food gets burned. When the detector goes off, and your dinner is ruined, it sends a signal to the nearest McDonald’s restaurant with your favourite order.

We made 6 McDelivery Detectors and Dutch consumers could win the McDelivery Detector by sharing their funniest cooking failure in the McDonald’s App.