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The smallest McDonald’s restaurant in the world
To amplify the special bond that people have with McDonald’s, we wanted to create a special experience. For once, the big and global brand McDonald’s acts small, close and personal. With a restaurant especially made for you: The McDonald’s For You. The smallest McDonald’s restaurant in the world.

Instead of asking guests to visit our restaurants, we invited them to tell us where they would love to have their own McDonald’s and why. Every weekend, we picked winners with a very special wish and we brought a McDonald’s For You to them: An old lady that misses the brand in her nursing home, a girl with a sweet sixteen party and a family that moved to an island, surrounded by sea and no McDonald’s in sight.

All of the stories were personal and heartfelt, that everyone could empathise with and led to engaging content that we used across all media, to engage the audience for three months.


IPRA Golden World Awards - Gold (Integration of traditional and new media)

SAN Accents - Retail Award