Believe in Luck

It is gradually becoming a December tradition: the Staatsloterij's (Dutch State Lottery) campaign for the draw on New Year's Eve. Following the dog Frekkel (2018) and hedgehog Freddie (2019), the black kitten Frummel is now playing the leading role this year.

Because of the superstition that black cats bring bad luck, the kitten is the last one left of its litter. However, the new owner is not put off by this and is immediately rewarded as it turns out that Frummel is a very special cat: the kitten brings good luck every time it meows. Ultimately, when its new owner has the possible winning ticket within reach, Frummel gives him a hint.

However, the owner is selfless and trusts in fate and grants what is potentially the main prize to a young, pregnant couple behind him in line.

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