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The secret diet
Authorities consider obesity 21st century’s most serious public health issue. It affects our target group: families with children. It’s the leading preventable cause of death. Preventable through change in diet. But change is hard. Campaigns aimed at changing eating habits seem blocked by cultural barriers: our allergy to rules and regulations. Even if we acknowledge that it’s for our own good, we don’t accept interference with our eating habits.

As leading food retailer, focused on making life better for everyone, we take responsibility and help people to change. Not with words, with actions. Doing it in a human way by gradually eliminating sugar. Make change effortlessly and permanent. The impact on a country is a big as our market share of 35%. Five million plates of food come from our stores every night. A total of 340.000.000 sugar cubes is eliminated. People didn’t protest or reject the products they love to eat. Of course, there was a free publicity spike and praise for the initiative by stakeholders. But we’re in it for the long run: saving a billion sugar cubes.

The secret diet proved that even by eliminating one ingredient we can create a better daily life for everyone.


Dutch Creativity Awards - Bronze (Impact Award)