THE 22022022 BURGER


A date like this rarely happens. It’s called a palindrome, which means, it remains the same no matter how you read it. From front to back, or from back to front.

So, how did people celebrate this special day? Well… many people got married and others got more important stuff to do, they went to McDonald’s for a very special burger.

Because especially for this day only, we turned our biggest icon: the Big Mac into a palindrome burger: THE 22022022 BURGER. This burger is built the same on both sides and tastes the same, no matter how you eat it.

22 Fans with a palindrome name like AZIZA, SUUS, OTTO, HANNAH, SAVAS, AVA, NAYAN, ANNA, IZZI, and EKE were invited to taste this special burger in our restaurant in palindrome city Ede.

In 8 years THE 03022030 BURGER will be on the menu. For sure.

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