Koning Toto
Sports betting seems to be complex. A rather obscure game for those in the know, that you play on your own. We needed to make Toto social and fun again. We needed to convey that it’s not about your knowledge of sports or betting, but about whether you know better than your friends! Because that makes you Koning Toto. Koning Toto as a concept symbolizes the timeless ‘bragging and boasting’ men do amongst each other, no matter their age. We played into this innate urge for men to compete amongst each other by challenging them to play and become Koning Toto. In tone and style we went for a cross over between football and hiphop: two overlapping and popular domains in our target audience. Koning Toto Royston Drenthe and his successor Donnie embody Koning Toto and dare the target audience on TV, radio, in online videos, at POS, in (D)OOH and in many different social executions to beat them (and everyone else) and become Koning Toto. In doing so, they made Toto part of millennial culture.


Dutch Creativity Awards - Silver (Film)

Dutch Creativity Awards - Bronze (Integraded)

Dutch Interactive Awards - Gold (Campaign)

Dutch Advertising Music Awards BUMA - Best Original Composition in Advertising (Reclamemuziek Awards)

Radio Advertising Awards (RAB) - Publieksprijs (Audience Award)