X Speedportal is the global launch of adidas’ new ‘X’ franchise football boot. The campaign boasts a collaboration with Adult Swim’s ‘’Rick and Morty’’ and showcases numerous adidas partners.

Football is becoming more serious as players across all levels are overwhelmed with detailed instructions and over-coaching. We wanted to address the sterile and factory-made nature of the modern game by reigniting the fun in football. We’ve warped ourselves into Rick and Morty’s world in the context our audience craves: fun, fresh and full of sweet jokes.

So what does this green boot, football and Rick and Morty have in common? Not much one could say. Think again. With the launch of X Speedportal we have created a campaign for adidas football, deep diving into culture and allowing us to further connect the beautiful game with the new generation.

The boots eventually make their way from their universe to our own, landing on the feet of some epic adidas players – Leo Messi, Vivianne Miedema, Mo Salah who demonstrate what multi-dimensional speed looks like on the football pitch. Throughout the campaign we’re using Rick’s portal for multi-dimensional travel and to introduce the new boots in a tale of multi-dimensional speed.