Change the


Leading brands don't follow the market. They shape it. By breaking conventions you create space for growth. Disruption® has been TBWA\'s signature methodology since 1990. With a powerful brand vision for the future we lay a creative foundation for greater 'Share of Culture'.


Brands compete for their share of culture

Your target audience's attention has to be earned. It's not about share of voice anymore, it's about 'share of culture'. Competition is more than the category. Brands have a role to play in culture. Culture is everywhere and it never sleeps. Brands will have to decide: which areas in culture are relevant to us and our customers in the near future? With Edges, Backslash and Disruption® Live we have the tools at hand to keep brands just as alive and top-of-mind as culture.

Disruption Live

Connecting at the speed of culture

Disruption Live® is our system we use to identify relevant cultural triggers for the brands of our clients. Every day, in realtime, we assess these triggers and decide if it's something to act upon for a brand: be it a social post, a PR stunt, a video, or the start of a campaign. This is how we inspire brand behavior "at the speed of culture".

A daily hit of culture

All triggers, global and local, are collected through Backslash: a dedicated unit of spotters worldwide, sharing their daily finds through Instagram and video on our internal channel.

Trendspotting on steroids

Fempowerment. Rise of the Machines. Convenience Economy. Swipe Society. About 50 overarching movements in culture are identified in our Edges, which help to localize a brand in culture. Which developments have impact on a brand's context? By doing this we seize a place in culture and secure a front position of relevance.